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Balance in Body & Life

Yoga is to me much more than just doing Asana’s.

There is variety in each lesson. I pursue the lesson on my clients wishes, the energy of the group and fortune of each day. My lessons always consist of a combination of breathing exercises, Asana’s and relaxing meditation.

Yoga is Yoga and I am not specifically focused on any styles or traditions. I do enjoy the therapeutic angle of Yoga; this means small groups, more individual attention, knowledge and an explanation of what we do in the lesson.

Book: Yoga for Everyone

I believe Yoga is for Everyone! For this book I choose 30 Yoga poses to discover the beauty of Yoga.

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In the book Yoga for Everyone  I will guide you through each pose with step by step pictures and explanation. You will learn the benefits from the posture, the do’s and don’ts and diverse variations. Once you have practiced the poses , they will become more familiar to you and you can mix and match and make your own sequence!